Trust Administration

Trust Administration:

Acting as a trustee is a serious undertaking involving certain legal duties and standards of conduct. A professional fiduciary is often a better choice than a lay person who may not have the time or expertise to be a trustee.

Hawaii Fiduciary Services, through its Principal, offers decades of experience with trusts ranging in asset size from $500,000 to $20 million. HFS is an effective manager of trust assets.

Hawaii Fiduciary Services utilizes a specific fiduciary accounting system with software developed for fiduciaries that conforms with the National Standard of Fiduciary Accounting and the probate courts in Hawaii. The system provides easy-to-read reports for beneficiaries and provides year-end income and expense reports for accountants. An accurate record-keeping system is crucial to the successful management of any trust.

Hawaii Fiduciary Services knows how to exercise discretionary authority over distributions of income and principal among the beneficiaries and understands the balance between investing for income and growing the trust principal.

Hawaii Fiduciary Services values teamwork because we do not have all the answers nor can we perform all the tasks such as filing tax returns or managing rental properties. HFS does not market any financial products and works in tandem with the investment advisor. HFS welcomes the opportunity to work with the trusted legal, financial, and tax and other professional advisors already in place.

Hawaii Fiduciary Services can serve as a consultant to a trustee and provide the required trust accounting and manage the trust checking account to alleviate any concerns of the beneficiaries.

Trust fees are based on a case by case review. Fees are determined by several factors such as the complexity of the trust, the types of trust assets, and whether the trust terminates or continues.

The trustee fee may consist of a combination of asset fees such as a 1% inception or termination fee and a ½ of 1% annual fee for administration and hourly fees for extra services. The current hourly rate is $190.00, plus the applicable general excise tax. The fee is negotiated and appropriate to the circumstances.

Trustee fees will be presented to the beneficiaries and filed with the probate court.

Serving as an agent for a trustee is billed at the current hourly rate. Please, contact HFS to confirm the current hourly rate because rates may change.

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